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Focus on Communication

As school is starting up again and our lives enter the hectic Fall season,  
communication is more important than ever.

We each have needs and wants and so do the others in our lives. Communicating
what we want and what needs to happen when, can go a long way towards
eliminating misunderstandings, frustrations and hurt feelings. Do you have a hectic
week coming up? Have you told your spouse, kids, or co-workers? Letting them
know ahead of time can prepare them for your limited availability. Are you going to
need additional support of some kind? Ask for help. Have you asked the others in
your life what is going on with them? They may need some support from you.  It
can help reduce last minute surprises.

Balancing your time between meeting your own needs and the needs of others is
also helpful. Nothing can make a person grumpier than running around doing
things for others without taking time for self. Learning how to say no, not right now,
or let me get back to you on that, can provide a much needed breather in a hectic
schedule. Once you've taken some time for yourself, you will feel more refreshed
and ready for the things that are on your list of to do's.

Finally, if the pressure of it all causes you to say or do things that offend, be the
first to apologize. Do it quickly before hurt feelings turn into a full blown
disagreement. If others offend you, offer them grace. You might need some
yourself soon.

Have a wonderful September!