Relationship Tune Up December 2020

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10 Ways to Quickly Tune Up Your Relationship

By Veronica Rasmussen MSW LICSW

Christ came not only to give us the gift of eternal life, but also to show us a better way to live here on earth. Relationships take work, but with a little effort and implementing the steps below, you can be enjoying the holidays and experiencing more of the true meaning of Christmas.

1. Treat your partner as you would your boss, best friend, or best customer.
2. Think about what your partner wants and give it to him or her.
3. Think of ways you can do the unexpected and be thoughtful. Remember how you acted when you wanted to win your partner over.
4. Express your thoughts carefully. Being married doesn’t give anyone permission to let it all hang out.
5. Spend regular time together alone.
6. Look for ways to compliment your partner.
7. Hug and kiss when you say hello and goodbye. It feels good and it makes people feel loved.
8. Make a list of your partner’s positive qualities. Share them with him and tell her why you think each is true.
9. Be polite. Just because you are married doesn’t mean you can forget your manners.

Merry Christmas!

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