Our Services

Individual Counseling

As a part of the intake process, each client will be given the opportunity to complete a Motivational Gifts Assessment. This assessment based on the gifts list in Romans 12:6-8, will allow us to focus on your God-given strengths, personality traits and unique perspective as we work together towards your healing and growth.

Couples Counseling

Engaged and married couples can benefit from taking the Motivational Gifts Assessment to learn about their God given personality and how it affects the way they relate to one another. Couples are given practical tools that help with communication, conflict resolution and appreciation of their differences.

Prayer Ministry/Coaching Services

Prayer ministry/Coaching services are not covered by insurance and are for clients that do not meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis such as depression or anxiety but still would like some support as they work toward personal, professional or relationship goals.


I have studied the Romans 12 motivational gifts as they relate to individual growth and maturity since 2004. The motivational gift assessment tool is useful for understanding personality traits and for promoting individual growth and relationship building.

Your Rights

To choose a counselor that meets your needs.

To know the method and course of treatment.

To receive accurate information about the services.

To know the complaint process.

To know the cost of services and billing practices.

To be informed of confidentiality practices.

To terminate services that are not satisfactory.

Counseling Tips

The real work happens after you leave the counselors’ office. Practicing new behaviors is the best way to ensure change.

Keep in mind that the only one that we can change is our self. Any change that occurs in someone else is their choice.

“It is God that gives us the power to will and to do good." [Paraphrased Phil 2:13]
"He that began a good work will be faithful to complete it in you." [Paraphrased Phil 1:6]

Sound Christian Counseling, Inc.

Our Mission

The mission of Sound Christian Counseling Inc., is to share Christ's love and acceptance with individuals and families seeking help, and to enable them to draw upon ‘His love’ as a source of strength and motivation for transformational living.